7 reasons why choosing a house and land package makes sense

Woodvale offers a select number of quality house and land packages from some of Adelaide’s finest builders. Buying a house and land package is an ideal way to bring together new land sold off the plan which is matched with a quality customisable home
design. Why buying house and land packages make sense:

1. You Choose: You get to choose the most suitable allotment and design to suit your budget, goal and lifestyle.

2. Buying process is simple: The house and design intended to fit the allotment has already been considered for sun orientation, driveway placement, and land gradient, etc

3. Easy Finance: You can obtain finance efficiently by having both house and land finance applications submitted at the same time with the same lender or financial institution.

4. Save: There is potential to save money by having your financial institution/lender waive associated fees.

5. Appreciation Value: Buying early in a new estate could mean a potential for generating a higher yield if and when you decide to sell sometime in the future.

6. Investment Gain: Not only will a new home attract better tenants if you decide to rent it out, but you can also gain the benefit of claiming depreciation, maintenance and tax.

7. Maintenance: New homes attract very little or low maintenance with fixtures and fittings covered by the builder’s guarantee.

You can download Woodvale’s current house and land packages from some of Adelaide’s finest builders.  Download here.