Watch This ! Home Design Comes To Life (3D walk through video)

Poolside Virtual Realty 3D Snapshot

A number of recent purchasers at Woodvale have gone the extra mile in designing their dream home. We’ve recently had the privilege of viewing these stunning designs online and think they are an amazing example of what can be achieved. These designs are not only impressive in themselves, but these new Woodvale residents have received the added benefit of being able to view their ‘soon to be’ dream home appear before their eyes in a 3D walk-through animated video. So, they get to see what their home will look like, from the inside-out once completed.

These stunning homes have been designed by The Galvin Group who are conveniently located at Woodville. The Galvin Group are truly dedicated to offering their clients something special and unique. Every client receives a complete package of virtual reality images and video footage of their soon to be home. This allows the client to fully visualise their dream home even before construction commences on site. This state of the art technology is all done in house by professionals who specialise in home and landscaping design. Using high quality imaging and animation all helps to demonstrate what a proposed house plan, renovation or pool will look like when completed.

The Galvin Group Design Director, Alex Pritchard, said “the opportunity to work with clients with a grand vision is very rewarding “. The service that the Galvin Group offers is perfect for those who really want to visualise their dream home before it comes to fruition. The team at Woodvale can’t wait to see these amazing homes come to life on site.

Sit back and relax as you take the tour – CLICK HERE