Looking for a local watering hole ?

Thirsty anyone? Get ready to whet your appetite.

Australia is well known for its tradition of great hotels, and Gawler happens to have 11 of the best.

Drinking establishments (or watering holes) were common back in the early pioneer days  and were designed to create a focal point for the community. Not much has changed really.

Some of the oldest pubs in South Australia are still located right in the heart of the Gawler Township. Go back in time when these historic pubs were once frequented by the bullockies, pioneers and early settlers.

Gawler is blessed not only to have such historical significance right at its doorstep, but the local community can continue to benefit from what the early pioneers already knew: that ‘great pubs, brimming with character, encourage the community to come together’.

Some would say that these grand old buildings, with preserved heritage architecture, are the ‘soul of the town’ where the beer is cold, tales are told and history begins.

With so many pubs to choose from it can be hard to decide where to start. Take a tour, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the great hospitality that these magnificent heritage hotels offer.

Murray Street alone embraces 6 hotels including The Exchange Hotel, Fairweather’s Bicycle Emporium, Gawler Arms Hotel, Kingsford Hotel, The Southern Hotel and The Golden Fleece.

Just a short walk from Murray Street and you will no doubt stumble across the other iconic hotels including the Willaston Hotel, Overway Hotel, The Bushman Hotel, Railway Family Hotel and Criterion Tavern.


Picture: The Golden Fleece, Murray Street, Gawler