Natural Appeal for Woodvale’s Parks

Landscape Architect Katie Steinwedel, of Steinwedel Landscape Consultants, has been working on the Woodvale project since its inception.

Katie’s role has been fundamental in ensuring landscaping to the project integrates successfully with the existing natural environment, while at the same time providing a beautiful setting for people to relax and enjoy. She and the team at Steinwedel Landscape Consultants have worked closely with the team at Woodvale to ensure the project’s streets and parks come to life. We asked Katie a few questions about what it’s been like to work on a project like Woodvale.

How long have you worked on the Woodvale Project?
“Steinwedel Landscape Consultants have worked closely with the team at Woodvale from the outset in ensuring that the proposed landscape character was well understood by Gawler Council, even as part of the planning approval process was underway. It’s really exciting to now see these early ideas have come to fruition on the ground.”

What is your favourite aspect of Woodvale?
“I’ve got to say, being a landscape architect, I love the natural setting of Woodvale. The design of the project takes full advantage of the areas attributes – magnificent gums along Gawler-One Tree Hill Road, fantastic views to the surrounding areas, and the two wooded gullies that run through the site provide the perfect setting for two beautiful reserves.”

How does the new landscape design of Woodvale integrate with the already existing natural vegetation?
“The masterplan of Woodvale has taken into account the sites existing beautiful natural characteristics. As a landscape architect it’s been fantastic to work my ideas into this existing setting. We have gone as far as we possibly can in retaining all the suitable vegetation in the reserves and are getting rid of all the woody weeds and unwanted vegetation. We’re planting a lot of native species that are endemic to the area and we know will work well in this environment. Apart from their natural beauty, the parks will also have grassed kicking areas and seating with plans in the future reserve for a shelter and barbecue facilities.”
What plants, grasses and trees have been selected and why? Are particular species planted to attract natural wildlife to the area?
“We have chosen a lot of native species that will work well in this setting, plus we have also balanced this with other sustainable landscaping that will be drought tolerant in the long run once it gets established. It’s important to make sure we create a landscape environment that is going to be there for the long term. In addition of course it’s important to provide some grassed areas where people can relax and enjoy the parks’ beautiful setting. When the Woodvale team presented the project to Council for approval, they included an assessment by a native vegetation, flora and fauna expert that highlighted certain species that would be appropriate to attract wildlife to these reserves. We have included these in the overall landscape design”.


Woodvale’s Complete Reserve – Stage 1 (Filsell Terrace)