Stage 4 Reserve Complete

Together with our Woodvale residents, we are delighted that the Stage 4 Reserve is now complete.

A perfect place for family and friends to gather in this beautiful expanse of green open space. The 2.5 ha reserve includes a large grassed kicking area, park shelter and play equipment plus there is a 2.5km of hike and bike trail network throughout the development for riding, running or walking. A great way to connect with nature and discover the abundant local flora and fauna.

The reserve is conveniently located for all Woodvale residents to access and has stunning views over the woodland gully. Located in Woodvale’s latest Stage 4 release.


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  1. Pay NO Stamp Duty ! - Woodvale Land on 12 March 2019 at 12:30 pm

    […] the vast landscape over the township of Gawler and beyond.  This stage is also positioned close to large reserve (almost 2 hectares in area) which forms a major part of the enjoyment of all residents within the […]