Woodvale Gets Up To Speed

There was excitement at Woodvale recently as workers were seen on site commencing installation of the NBN infrastructure which is now installed and delivered across the project. This means that NBN is up and running and the Woodvale community can enjoy the latest innovations of the 21st Century.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s new network for fixed line phone and internet services aiming to give residents and businesses alike access to fast, reliable and affordable services delivered via a mix of technologies and through a range of providers.  The NBN delivers a range of opportunities for everyone to become more connected in a faster, smoother and easier way for decades to come.

When choosing a builder for your home, it is important to let them know that Woodvale at Gawler South is now connected to the NBN. This is the time to discuss with your builder any cabling requirements you would like installed in your new home

It is recommended that you contact your preferred phone/internet service provider to discuss associated costs to connect to the NBN.

For more information on the NBN please refer to the following website links: