Woodvale now more accessible than ever !

Construction continues on the new Gawler East Link Road that will travel right next to the Woodvale development, giving residents instant access to everything that Gawler and the surrounding area has to offer. The State Government, through The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure, commenced construction of the project mid last year and it is anticipated to be completed around the end of 2019.

For detailed information watch the video clip here https://youtu.be/HsbaICPy5lA

Director for Woodvale Chris Branford said “it’s been fantastic watching this project come to life, which we have been advocating for a number of years. The 2 Lane road will connect to One Tree Hill Road immediately north of Woodvale and provide fast convenient access to existing and future facilities in and around Gawler. This is great for residents who can now bypass the main Street of Gawler at busy times if they need to get around the area more quickly.”

A link to the concept plan can also be found here: https://bit.ly/2FV6rPN